Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Adieu for now....

This will be my last entry here on Nuvany Nice, I've decided to close this chapter of blogging for now. I've thoroughly enjoyed this experience all of the people I've met & friendships I've created, truly priceless. I'm sure this will not be the end of my online presence I'm just taking a break to regroup, refocus & reinvent! I can not thank you all enough for embarking on this journey with me, I will miss all of you dearly. I think I will keep the blog up for now but will delete my tumblr, twitter & fb accounts shortly. If you would like to get in contact with me you can always drop me an email at nuvanynice@gmail.com. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart, until we meet again!


  1. and i just landed here finding you out from your wordpress! ive missed you by like... 2 days why oh why! enjoyed it. if you still do some blogwalking, hope that you'd come by to mine! cheers from the other side of the world - hope new jerseyians treating you well, or NY instead. *too much how i met yr mother*

  2. Ebony!This is sad news-thank you for all your nice words over the past few years! hearts-kristen (manimal)

  3. you'll totally be missed. and we need to talk.

  4. You're creative, talented, and I covet your (amazing second-nature)sense of style, woman! Do you. & I wish you the best of luck:)

  5. this is uncalled for! so heartbreaking. BUT I truly am so grateful that we met while you were still active. Isn't that a sign?! hehe... MISSING YOU AND SEE YOU SOON BABE!

  6. I know this is a personal choice, and I don't know - i just stumbled upon your blog - but I think that you should reconsider closeing down your "web" life. Try to find a way to make your true self, be true also online and you'll be happy to keep your FB, Twitter etc.

    We're moving in a direction now where there is room for every voice now in the social media mix, and many people are paying hard bucks to create a "fake" connection to get in the mix.

    You already have a fan base and following of people who like who you are, your style, your vision or just your personality.

    it would be a shame to loose all that. You this to catapult you into the next step of your journey. peace :)


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