Friday, January 14, 2011

D.I.Y Queens: Virgo LA

If your like me you conjure up massive D.I.Y ideas but never get around to completing them or even starting them for that matter,don't judge me if you can't relate ;). But that's where the lovely duo from Boos and Besito come in! Remember the dope line of accessories they started a while back, well now the ladies have opened their very own brick and mortar -Virgo in downtown LA! I know I don't live in LA either, I've never even been but have always held on to the hopes of one day visiting just to experience Virgo in real time. But alas thanks to the inter webs Alejandra and Rana have launched the Virgo Etsy shop(what would the world be without Etsy). Yes, now we outsiders of LA are able to get a mini taste of what Virgo has to offer. From their D.I.Y studded vests, Ipad sleeves, and my fav the cut-out shoulder vintage shirts, I think this will hold me over until I'm able to book a flight to the west side! So join me as we collectively give thanks to the ladies for thinking of we outsiders, just do me a favor since I put you on PLEASE DON'T BUY THE STUDDED JACKET I WILL DIE IF I DON'T HAVE IT AND THEN I WON'T BE ABLE TO BLOG ANYMORE BECAUSE I'LL BE GONE THX!!!


  1. we share the same thing...I started a DIY for a jacket here in Bangkok but I never got the time to finish it...hahahaha!!! so lazy of me...but this one is a great shop...thanks for posting and sharing love...


  2. loving all these items!!

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